The Too Hot To Handle season 3 trailer is here, and there's a huge plot twist

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Photo credit: Tom Dymond - Netflix
Photo credit: Tom Dymond - Netflix

Season two of Too Hot To Handle has been one of our favourite TV moments of 2021 so far. And the good news is Netflix has answered all of our reality TV prayers by announcing there's going to be a third series.

Speaking to Variety Brandon Riegg, a vice president at Netflix, said: "The secret is out – we’re thrilled to bring back Too Hot to Handle." How exciting! Here's everything else we know about the series so far...

Is there a Too Hot To Handle season 3 trailer?

Exciting news: Netflix has finally dropped the trailer for Too Hot To Handle season 3, giving us our first proper look at this year's contestants in action.

Alongside offering up a reminder of the usual rules ("no kissing, no heavy petting and no sex of any kind"), the new trailer has already revealed a huge plot twist: this year's prize pot is being doubled, now equalling a total of $200,000.

Branding this lot the show's "wildest ever batch of singles", the trailer already confirms that rules will be broken, with plenty of the contestants already filmed kissing and more. Have a watch here:

When will Too Hot To Handle season 3 be released?

In August 2021, the streaming service confirmed that season 3 will be released in early 2022, before they confirmed an exact date later in December 2021. So, drum roll please...

Too Hot To Handle season 3 launches 19th January 2022!

Who will be on Too Hot To Handle season 3?

We were finally introduced to this year's contestants as of 6th January, and it looks like there are plenty of exciting personalities to look forward to.

From a student midwife to a tree surgeon and a legal secretary (plus a fair few models), 10 initial contestants have officially been confirmed. Take a look at the full list of new contestants here.

Netflix has also released new images of the cast in action, and it seems like there's lots of drama to look forward to:

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

When was Too Hot To Handle season 3 filmed?

Rumours previously revealed that series three was reportedly filmed back to back with season two. A THTH insider source told Variety that Netflix kept the identity of the series under wraps, and signed up contestants for both series two and three at the same time. Contestants who applied thought they were signing up for "Parties in Paradise", and only found out what series they'd actually been cast on once they'd made it through.

It would make sense from Netflix's side to film the two series back to back at the same location - especially as it means the contestants were less likely to find out "Parties In Paradise" was actually a ruse.

Where will Too Hot To Handle season 3 be filmed?

Season one of THTH was filmed in Mexico, but moved to a luxury villa in Turks & Caicos for season two. We're assuming season three will have the same location as the second.

Who knew we'd be so excited to watch people abstain from having sex?

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