Too Hot To Handle season 3 is *officially* happening

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Although we've only just finished watching (ok bingeing) season two of Too Hot To Handle, we're ready for more. Thankfully, Netflix has answered all of our reality TV prayers by announcing there's going to be a third series.

Speaking to Variety Brandon Riegg, a vice president at Netflix, said: "The secret is out – we’re thrilled to bring back Too Hot to Handle." How exciting!

Here's everything else we know about the series so far...

Who will be on Too Hot To Handle season 3?

We haven't got any specific details about the new contestants just yet, but there's rumours that the series has already been cast. A THTH insider source told Variety that Netflix kept the identity of the series under wraps, and signed up contestants for both series two and three at the same time. Contestants who applied thought they were signing up for "Parties in Paradise", and only found out what series they'd actually been cast on once they'd made it through.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

When will Too Hot To Handle season 3 be filmed?

Based on the rumours that the contestants have already been selected, it's possible that filming for the third season has already started. Although, Netflix hasn't confirmed anything yet.

Where will Too Hot To Handle season 3 be filmed?

Season one of THTH was filmed in Mexico, but moved to a luxury villa in Turks & Caicos for season two. Whether or not there's a new location for season three, we'll have to wait and see.

When will Too Hot To Handle season 3 be released?

Unfortunately, we don't have the answer to that right now, but we've got our fingers crossed that season three will be back on screens quicker than you can say 'sexual tension'.

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