Too Hot To Handle S4 fans are majorly divided over Seb

too hot to handle viewers are divided over seb
Too Hot To Handle fans are hugely divided over SebNetflix

Too Hot To Handle is back on Netflix for season four, meaning there are a whole new group of singles entering the villa for the show's notorious no-sex challenge.

The new series dropped just days ago, with fans already invested in the season four cast members. Contestant Kayla Richart came under the spotlight earlier this week and, now, viewers have turned their attention to participant Sebastian Melrose.

A 24-year-old racing driver from Scotland, Netflix released the following intro to Seb when he was first announced for the show: "Seb lives life in the fast lane and is used to giving girls the boot the morning after the night before." Err, OK?

too hot to handle viewers are divided over seb

"His piercing blue eyes and butter wouldn’t melt babyface have helped him make it this far, but Lana is sure to see right through this! As a yes man who never says no to anything in life or in the bedroom, Seb will struggle to stick to Lana’s rules. Can he find the right girl to help him along the way?"

While Seb's behaviour on the show will likely come to shape viewers' opinions of him, it looks like fans are already majorly divided over the 24-year-old.

The debate is all a matter of Too Hot To Handle deja vu, as fans can't decide whether Seb reminds them of season three contestant Harry Johnson or season two contestant Cam Holmes.

too hot to handle viewers are divided over seb

Taking to Reddit to discuss the show, one viewer wrote, "Seb literally reminds me of Harry from season 3." Another disagreed, replying, "I see a hotter version of Cam!"

A third chimed in, "Yes!! People keep saying Cam but I see Harry more."

Responding to the Cam chat, another added, "Yeah most people have said that but for some reason the jokes and the laugh is giving [me] Harry vibes. The horniness is def Cam vibes hahaha."

All valid points, we'd say. Still, looks like the jury's out on this one!

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