Tony Lorusso Returns to Pro Motocross at 52 Years Old! | Southwick Press Day

Known for being the ‘world's fastest sandbox’, riders prepare themselves for sweeping turns and deep sand of The Wick. We spent some time today at the track for press day and talked to the riders. Check out the video below.

Southwick typically presents a unique opportunity for the locals and B-class riders to qualify straight into the motos, with the track being its fastest and smoothest for the first qualifiers of the day. We saw a lot of local talent show up today for press day to take advantage of some early laps. Among those was 52 year old Tony Lorusso who hasn’t raced a pro motocross race since 2012.

Lorusso jokes how he felt old lining up when he was 40 but now it’s even more the case. Feeling good and enjoying life as the owner of New Hampshire Motocross Park, Lorusso has been steadily riding and feeling ready to return to The Wick to attempt to qualify and line up on that gate with all the young bucks once more.

We look forward to watching Lorusso tackle the sand at Southwick!