Tony Adams admits he is 'always arguing' with Katya Jones

Appearing on GMB, former footballer Tony Adams and Katya Jones addressed their recent post-dance row which viewers spotted on the live show. "She’s a little bit over critical," says Adams, "and I just want to have a good time as well."

Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV

Video transcript

TONY ADAMS: We constantly argue, don't we?

KATYA JONES: Yeah, we just don't like each other at all. We don't get on.

TONY ADAMS: Two months together now. And she's been training me. She's a genius. The routine she's putting on is incredible. And sometimes, when I miss a step, she's a liite bit overcritical at times. And I just want to have a good time.

- She believes--

TONY ADAMS: She does.

- You could do better. Doesn't she?

TONY ADAMS: Exactly.

- Always thinks you can do better.


TONY ADAMS: Exactly.

- And that makes you better.

TONY ADAMS: So I think it's a balance between, maybe, let me make a mistake and enjoy myself a little bit at times. But--

- Look. The thing is everyone's enjoying you.