Tonight's TV Pick: The Matt Lucas Awards, Horizon, Mad Men

We're used to seeing him cavorting around with David Walliams - cosmetics, costumes and catchphrases all around.

But while Walliams has been busy causing a storm over on the BGT panel, Matt Lucas has been keeping himself out of mischief, with a new panel show/sit com thingey, The Matt Lucas Awards, which debuts tonight on BBC1.

Lucas says he was in the mood to do something "a bit less rude" than his cavorting with Walliams, and it's certainly that. So, it's Lucas in his 'living-room' - think, Kumars - with three panel guests, this week Graeme Garden, Jason Manford and Henning Wehn - who, between them, chat about the categories for awards that won't be given out anywhere else.

With award categories like 'Smuggest Nation' (nominees are Sweden, China and Great Britain) and Dreadfullest Football Song Ever Sung, it's basically Room 101 with host Lucas is on his very best behaviour - beautifully well-spoken, too, which I never noticed before - but lacking Skinner's acerbic wit and ill-disguised contempt for most things, which makes that show sing.

On the positive side, it's a shameless wallow in nostalgia - Morph turning up in semi-human form, and the omnipresent Jason Manford and Lucas channelling their inner Hoddle/Waddle for a version of Diamond Lights, are worth a look. And Lucas's mother pops in and out of the 'kitchen' - more Kumars. So yes, not the most original thing Lucas has ever done, but he becomes more and more likeable the further from Little Britain he gets, and this is a harmless little thing for a Tuesday night.


Horizon - 9pm, BBC2

The many, many people whose lives have been touched by cancer will be heartened by this look at pioneering treatments, including a robot called the Cyber-Knife.

Mad Men - 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Peggy may have made her way up the corporate ladder, but the air is no clearer, or less misogynistic up there, she discovers tonight.

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Matt Lucas with his pals Graeme Garden, Jason Manford and Henning Wehn

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