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There Will Be 13 Full Moons

Typically, we see 12 full moons a year, one for each month. However, we're in for a treat this year because there will be two full moons in October. A full moon is about a 27-day cycle and comes to fruition when the moon and sun are 180 degrees apart, or in other words, most opposite of each other. So October will have a full moon on Oct. 1 and Oct. 31.

Did you know each full moon has its own nickname? Some of the most peculiar names include Flower Moon (May 7), Strawberry Moon (June 5), Corn Moon (Sept. 2), and Beaver Moon (Nov. 30).

There Are a Ton of Moon Events Happening in 2020, Including a Blue Moon on Halloween

If you thought the moon looked a little different or a lot closer on Jan. 10, you probably caught a glimpse of the year's first full moon. Nicknamed the Wolf Moon, January's full moon wasn't the only star of the show, as a lunar eclipse was in full effect as well. While the moon and Earth's crossover (called the penumbra) wasn't visible from the US, the moon's "tea-stained" color and size were, and it left people speechless.

And the Wolf Moon is only the beginning of interesting happenings in 2020. One of the most anticipated moon events, the Blue Moon, will take place on Halloween this year. Talk about spooky! Whether you are an avid skywatcher or just find the moon fascinating, here are all the cool moon happenings we'll be seeing this year. Grab your camera and some popcorn; you won't want to miss these!


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