Tommy Dorfman engaged to girlfriend

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Tommy Dorfman is engaged to marry her girlfriend.

The 13 Reasons Why star, who came out as a transgender woman in July 2021, revealed during an appearance on Rachel Bilson's Broad Ideas podcast that she is engaged to a cisgender woman. Tommy declined to divulge her partner's identity but described her as "just a gay girl."

The 30-year-old shared that her bride-to-be is the first woman she has been with in a "very long time" and she knows she's met "the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life" with.

The Sharp Stick actress was previously married to Peter Zurkuhlen between 2016 and 2021, with them getting divorced this year.

Tommy explained on the podcast that she began exploring her attraction to women following their split.

"I knew I was interested in women in a way that I hadn't really been aware of since high school," she stated. "I had this unresolved, unexplored thing. I was like, ‘This is the year that I'm gonna go on some dates with girls and feel that out again, and not feel ashamed about it.'"

Tommy initially worried that her female friends wouldn't accept her plan, but they were very supportive.

"Because they thought of me as a gay man, they were like, ‘Oh, like you're the safest person in the world.' And then suddenly, I transition and I become a little bit more threatening, in my head," she explained.

Elsewhere in the interview, the actress revealed that she would have started her transition "a lot sooner" if it wasn't for 13 Reasons Why, in which she played a gay, cisgender male character between 2017 and 2020.

"I think if I hadn't booked that job, I would've started transitioning a lot sooner," she confessed. "When it came to anything around dysphoria or gender or stuff that had already been really present, I was like, 'Nope, that's not for now, I'm working.'"