Tom Walker was stunned by the Duchess of Cambridge's piano performance

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Tom Walker was 'surprised' by the Duchess of Cambridge's piano talent credit:Bang Showbiz
Tom Walker was 'surprised' by the Duchess of Cambridge's piano talent credit:Bang Showbiz

Tom Walker admits he was "surprised" by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as she accompanied his singing with a piano performance at a recent festive carol concert.

The singer-songwriter admits that he was "super nervous" about performing with royalty as the pair teamed to play the Christmas single 'For Those Who Can't Be Here' at the Westminster Abbey event last month.

The event was organised and hosted by Catherine as a thank you for NHS healthcare workers and their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, with Tom approached to feature the event after he previously met the Duchess at a charity engagement.

The 'Leave a Light On' singer told STV: "I was super nervous about being around royals.

"I failed half of my GCSE's yet here I am in a rehearsal room with the Duchess."

The 28-year-old star added: "I think she was nervous as a well though because she hadn't played with other musicians for a very long time.

"To jump in with me on my song, and then a week later to jump in on a full team of people, bands she never played with, a string quartet, and then all the cameras and the lights in Westminster Abbey, it's a big jump from the rehearsal room to the actual event."

Tom was impressed by Catherine's musical talent and credited the 40-year-old royal for "smashing" the piano performance.

He said: “I think it just went really well.

“I was so surprised you know; she absolutely smashed the performance and was so good.

“So, it just all came together really nicely.”

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