Tom Selleck: My marriage to Jillie Mack has become 'more satisfying' as the years have passed

Tom Selleck with his wife Jillie Mack credit:Bang Showbiz
Tom Selleck with his wife Jillie Mack credit:Bang Showbiz

Tom Selleck thinks his three-decade marriage to Jillie Mack has become “more satisfying” as the years have passed.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ star married the West End performer after meeting her in London when she was starring in the musical 'Cats' and he insists they are “true partners” in all aspects of their lives.

The 77-year-old actor - who has 33-year-old daughter Hannah with 64-year-old Jillie - told the US edition of Closer magazine: "I don't’ think the infatuation stage of any relationship lasts forever, but it can grow into something. It just grows more satisfying. You become true partners.”

Selleck has had a stellar acting career, but he famously missed out on the role of Indiana Jones to Harrison Ford as he had already signed a contract to star on TV show ‘Magnum P.I.' as private investigator Thomas Magnum.

At the time, Selleck didn't know if ‘Magnum P.I.' would be a success, but he insists that honouring his agreement was the “right thing" to do, even though he missed out on the blockbuster movie part as the daredevil archaeologist.

Tom - who starred as Magnum in eight seasons from 1980 to 1988 - said: “Some actors, that kind of thing might’ve killed them. I did the right thing. I kept my word. I lived up to the contract.”

Tom was allowed a lot of input into his Magnum character and was able to make him less “perfect", less like James Bond and “more of a private investigator" who "owed money to his friends" and "was the least responsible guy”.