Tom Parker's widow Kelsey says their daughter 'doesn't understand' her dad's death

Tom Parker's widow Kelsey has opened up about how she is coping following The Wanted singer's recent death in March from brain cancer.
Kelsey Parker appeared on Lorraine to talk to the eponymous host about the late musician's recent bestselling memoir Hope: My Inspirational Life.
She detailed how she has to have "blunt" conversations with their eldest daughter, who is two, about Parker's death.

Video transcript

- Now, the kids are going to have so much to remember and so much to be incredibly proud of. And there was a lovely there is a gorgeous footage of your little girl when she saw the book in the shops.


- This is so cute. Looks, she's kissing her daddy.

KELSEY PARKER: Whenever she sees her dad, she's like, "It's my dad."

- Oh gosh. Because, I mean, she's tiny. What age is she now?

KELSEY PARKER: She'll be three at the end of this month.

- So I guess it's really difficult for a three-year-old to understand the concept of the fact that her dad's not here anymore.

KELSEY PARKER: It is, yeah. I've been really honest, but still every day, she does still talk about him every day and she doesn't quite understand that he's not coming back. So I have to be really blunt to say, "He's not coming back. That's it, he's dead and he's not coming back."

Because she doesn't really understand. Obviously, where there's lots of the books out, she's seen him in store. She's a bit like, well, he's been on tour, so is he going to come back from this?

- Because she would have been quite used to him being away now again and away shooting.

KELSEY PARKER: Yeah, so she's just really confused by it. So but then we do then talk about him every day. She does ask me every day about him.

- Of course. Of course.

KELSEY PARKER: And obviously, we have little things around the house of Tom, so she'll see his wallet and be like, "Oh, that's daddy's wallet. I'm like, "Yeah, that's daddy's wallet."

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