Tom Parker's widow Kelsey Hardwick joins cancer charity as co-director

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Tom Parker's widow Kelsey Hardwick has become the co-director of the charity which helped her late husband after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The Wanted star Tom was told in October 2020 that he had an inoperable tumour, and he tragically died in March 2022 at the age of 33.

Before his death, he formed a close bond with Dave Bolton, who started the charity Ahead of the Game Foundation (AOTG) after his own brain tumour diagnosis.

The aim of the foundation is to bridge the gap in the NHS by providing free rehabilitation to those diagnosed with all types of cancer. As well as working on patients' mental health, the team at AOTG also educate on physical health and other areas.

Announcing the news via a statement, Kelsey said she was "so proud" to be joining Dave and his team.

"The support Dave and AOTG provided to Tom was vital to his mental well-being as well as opening our eyes to the availability of additional treatments, equipment and tech that really can save lives," she said. "It will be a privilege to share the knowledge I have gained throughout Tom’s journey. All I can do now is give back to others and hope that everything I have learned can help other families, to prolong and save lives. To give families what we have lost will mean the absolute world to me and to Tom’s legacy."

Kelsey has children Aurelia and Bodhi with Tom.

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