Tom Morello: The Clash made me feel like I wasn't alone

Tom Morello says The Clash made him feel like he "wasn't alone".

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist has opened up on the impact the punk band's iconic album 'London Calling' had on him, and helped him expand his tastes beyond heavy metal.

He told Classic Rock magazine: "I devoured that record. The conviction with which the band played and with which Joe Strummer sang were indescribable.

"It was at a time that I was becoming politically aware, and here was a band who made me feel that I wasn't alone.

"It was a band that told the truth, unlike my president, unlike the people on the national news, unlike my teacher, and I thought: 'I'm in.' "

The 57-year-old musician also explained how there was more to the 'I Fought The Law' rockers than just being a "punk band".

He added: "The Clash were more than a punk band. They were much more musically adventurous.

"And 'London Calling' was really the record where they incorporated music from around the world and every song sounded like The Clash.

"I've played the song 'London Calling' in countless cover bands throughout the years. I wasn't exactly sure what Joe Strummer was going on about, but it felt apocalyptic and I knew that he was right."

And Morello praised Strummer's sense of humour, adding that discovering The Clash made him feel like he "didn't have to settle" with his musical tastes.

He said: "The subtlety and the humour in Joe's lyrics is sometimes overlooked.

"I couldn't believe that there was a band for me. Up until that point I was settling, and when I discovered 'London Calling' I didn't have to settle anymore."

Tom Morello credit:Bang Showbiz
Tom Morello credit:Bang Showbiz