Tom Hanks has written and narrated this Apollo Missions experience opening in London in December

Tom Hanks has co-written and narrated The Moonwalkers  (Justin Sutcliffe)
Tom Hanks has co-written and narrated The Moonwalkers (Justin Sutcliffe)

A brand new epic experience co-written and narrated by Tom Hanks is premiering at London’s Lightroom in December.

The immersive film, titled The Moonwalkers, will see Hanks explore NASA’s world-changing Apollo Missions – the most famous of which, 1969’s Apollo 11, saw man land on the moon for the very first time.

Hanks had co-written the film with two-time BAFTA-nominated writer-director Christopher Riley, who has spent much of his career on space-related projects collaborating with institutions including London Science Museum, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the BBC.

“Growing up as humankind was first going to the moon, I was transfixed by the Apollo missions and dreamed of making the voyages with the astronauts,” said Hanks.

“The extraordinary and unique production capabilities of Lightroom allow me, alongside Christopher Riley, to tell what we believe is the most visceral and enthralling story to date of humanity’s journeys beyond our earth.”

The 50-minute film, which is being described as an “experience”, will premiere on December 6 and run until April 21 next year.

The Moonwalkers will combine original NASA footage with images from the bestselling photography book Apollo Remastered, in which restorer Andy Saunders (who is a consultant producer on the project) remastered original film from the Apollo missions.

It will take place at London’s Lightroom in King’s Cross – the Haworth Tompkins-designed space that is fast becoming the capital’s home of huge artist-led shows – the space launched in January with David Hockney: Bigger and Closer (not smaller & further away).

Tom Hanks has co-written the experience with double BAFTA-nominated writer-director Christopher Riley (Justin Sutcliffe)
Tom Hanks has co-written the experience with double BAFTA-nominated writer-director Christopher Riley (Justin Sutcliffe)

The film will include an orchestral score composed by Anne Nikitin, who made the music for Apple TV+’s Hijack and Disney+’s The Dropout. It has been co-directed by Lysander Ashton and Nick Corrigan from 59 Productions – the team who worked on David Hockney: Bigger & Closer.

The Moonwalkers will not only explore humankind’s extraordinary historical achievements, but will also look to the future, providing a glimpse of the upcoming Artemis missions, where NASA plans to set up a long-term presence on the Moon. As part of the film, Hanks sits down with some of the astronauts taking part in the upcoming missions.

The 67-year-old actor is a lifelong space fan: he produced the 1998 HBO series From the Earth to the Moon, co-wrote the 2004 IMAX documentary film Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, and was on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society. And, most famously perhaps, he played astronaut Jim Lovall in Ron Howard’s 1995 space-drama Apollo 13.

“Tom Hanks is an icon, with unparalleled experience of great cinematic storytelling, and has a true passion and expertise for the history of space exploration,” said Lightroom’s CEO Richard Slaney. “It seems timely to be telling this story now as countries from across the world launch missions to understand more about our closest celestial neighbour.”

How do I get tickets?

Tickets go on sale today (September 20) and cost £25. Student and under 18 tickets cost from £15, while children under three years old go free.

The Moonwalkers: A Journey With Tom Hanks, Lightroom, December 6 to April 21, 2024;