Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's sons perform impromptu 'first rock show' to huge McFly crowd

Photo credit: Dave J Hogan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dave J Hogan - Getty Images

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher have shared the proud moment their young sons first performed on stage, in an impromptu appearance at a packed out McFly gig.

Eight-year-old Buzz and six-year-old Buddy played guitar and drums as well as sang, and the crowd couldn't get enough of it. It makes sense they'd have the performing bug seeing as their parents met as theatre school kids. Three-year-old little brother Max didn't join them on stage, presumably still a little too young for crowds of thousands, not that eight and six are any less impressive ages to face an audience that size.

Sharing a joint post to instagram Tom wrote: "I wanted to share this before my birthday is over. The best birthday present I could ever have wished for, my boys deciding last second that they wanted to play their first rock show tonight at our @mcflymusic gig and stepping out on stage for the first time!

The sweet clips shows the boys playing we will rock you with eight year old Buzz up in front on guitar and vocals and little six year old Buddy showing off some impressive rhythm on the drums.

The crowd are singing along with gusto and go wild when Buzz delivers a true rock star guitar strum.

Tom went on to show his gratitude, writing; "Thanks to everyone in the crowd for giving them an amazing memory they’ll never forget and giving me an awesome birthday! 🤘🎂"

Such a sweet moment for the family!

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