Toffee Crisp now comes in an orange flavour

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Chocolate lovers will be delighted to hear that the classic Toffee Crisp chocolate bar now comes in a brand-new flavour. That's right, the much loved crispy and chewy chocolate treat now comes in an orange flavour and it's here for a limited time only.

Photo credit: Nestle
Photo credit: Nestle

Nestle's new Orange Toffee Crisp is a zesty spin on the chewy treat, featuring smooth, orange-flavoured caramel and crispy cereal pieces, all encased in a delicious milk chocolate. It's an exciting arrangement of textures and it sounds so delicious!

There's a growing appetite for orange flavoured chocolate and understandably so - it gives us an autumnal feeling and has us all looking forward to the colder, festive season. Many will agree that orange chocolate equates to the arrival of Christmas, and the Orange Toffee Crisp is here to kick it off.

Nestle is also launching a new Wild Peanut Lion Bar consisting of crispy wafer filled with caramel cream, coated in a mix of crispy biscuit and crunchy peanut pieces, dipped in creamy milk chocolate. Yum!

Photo credit: Nestle
Photo credit: Nestle

It's the classic chocolate bar with a peanut twist but will be launching in retailers nationwide from next year. There's not too long to go but if you can't wait, you can get it exclusively in B&M stores now.

The new Orange Toffee Crisp will be available in a pack of four which you can get for just £1 at supermarket retailers.

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