Todrick Hall worries about close circle as he thinks burglary on LA home was an inside job

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Todrick Hall credit:Bang Showbiz
Todrick Hall credit:Bang Showbiz

Todrick Hall fears the burglary of his Los Angeles home was an inside job.

The choreographer had belongings worth up to £35,000 stolen from his US home whilst he was visiting London and he admits he worries that it was a member of his "close circle" who had carried out the crime.

He wrote: "This happened less than an hour after my cat sitter left my home, and I’m just happy that my cats have all been found and are safe. I’m taking a break from social media for a few days to wrap my head around this and get my mind together. Be careful who you let in your close circle. They really will put your life and their life on the line just to steal a Louis/Gucci bag. Sad."

The 36-year-old rapper thanked everyone for their well wishes amid the terrible events.

He added: "Just landed back in America to hundreds of messages and calls from my family and friends. I am ok and unharmed. I’m devastated that someone would do this to me, and even more disturbed to see people celebrating and laughing about it online."

Whilst Todrick isn't sure who to trust anymore, there's one person he can rely on - Taylor Swift, as he recently praised her for speaking out against systemic racism and injustice and using her platform to raise awareness.

He said: "I'm glad that she has gotten to a point now where she is sharing that with the world. I think that a lot of people who would initially gravitate towards her might be people who have very different political views. And very different views on the world in like, what should happen with the Black Lives Matter movement. Or what should happen with gay rights ...

"It's really, really awesome to see her using her voice, because the sad truth is, her being a white person with blonde hair and blue eyes saying this in this world right now holds a lot of weight to a lot of people who feel very differently than she might."

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