This toddler can run in heels better than most adults can walk in them

This toddler can run in heels better than most adults can walk in them, and viewers are asking for a tutorial.

TikToker Kee Harris (@.justcallmebaby) is a parent and owner of a clothing boutique who recently shared a hilarious video of her adorable toddler, Kinsley, running back and forth in high heels, and she’s so good that viewers want lessons.

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The clip opens with a mid-action shot of Kinsley, sporting a summery outfit with pigtails and a mismatched pair of stilettos.

Despite being only two years old, Kinsley can work a pair of heels better than many high fashion models. The toddler delightfully runs back and forth wearing a red open-toed heel on one foot and a similar floral blue and pink heel on the other.

Even though the heels are several sizes too large, Kinsley has no problem handling herself when wearing them and seems to enjoy being a few inches taller.

After a few sprints in the stilettos, Kinsley decides to slow things down and walk. Still fascinated by the experience of wearing high heels, the toddler glances down curiously, then turns to the side, emphasizing the comical difference between her feet and the size of the shoes.

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Upon seeing a family member coming towards her from off camera, Kinsley spins around and breaks into another sprint, click-clacking away in the stilettos as the video comes to a close.

Viewers were beyond impressed with Kinsley’s innate ability to move around comfortably in the shoes.

“Man, I fell two times watching her! Lord, I wish,” one user joked.

“Is she open to giving lessons??” one user asked.

“I can barely stand in heels, and here she is running,” mentioned one jealous TikToker.

“So, to achieve optimum balance and speed, one must get heels two and a half times bigger,” one viewer theorized.

While some toddlers enjoy playing with toys, others would rather entertain themselves with a pair of high heels.

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