Toddler consoles the family cat like a mini adult

This TikTok features a toddler speaking like a miniature adult as she consoles the family cat, and it’s too wholesome for words.

TikToker Cherise James (@cherisejadee) is a parent and vlogger who posts clips of wholesome, everyday moments with her young daughter, Ava. Recently, James shared a video of Ava assuaging the family cat like a mini matriarch, and the footage is so sweet it’s giving viewers a toothache.

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The clip opens with a shot of Ava teetering down the stars while clutching a stuffed fox as Nina, the family’s cat, follows her closely from behind. “Don’t worry, Nina,” the little girl reassures with the sweetest British accent as she leads the cat down the stairs.

“We’ll sort it out, Nina. Come on,” affirms the three going on 80-year-old. James can be heard snickering from behind the camera as she follows the toddler and the cat.

“We got to go outside, okay?” Ava tells the cat, trailing behind her. Ava heads to the kitchen and opens the door next to the cat’s food and water so that Nina can go outside.

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“Well done, Nina,” Ava applauds as the cat walks through the door. “She’s happy now,” the adorable toddler confirms with satisfaction before the video ends.

James’ wholesome video had hearts melting all over TikTok.

“You know why this is so cute? Because she has learned to be caring, kind, and compassionate from her parents. She’s modeling how she is treated,” one user observed.

“I would love to watch an animated TV show about this girl and her cat,” joked one TikToker.

“When they talk like little adults, it gets me every time. I always wonder how my granddaughter is going to sound when she speaks,” one grandmother pondered.
Other viewers commented that even though Ava’s sweet words of reassurance were intended for the cat, the sentiment resonated with them as well, or as one TikToker put it, “I won’t worry.”

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