Toddler bids goodbye to his baby crib with help from big brothers: ‘Give it one last hug’

Three brothers said goodbye to their baby crib, and it was the sweetest thing ever.

TikTok mom @megan.elizabeth.x3 shared the moving exchange between her twin boys and their toddler little bro. The toddler was anxious to find out the time had come to say goodbye to his crib and upgrade to a big kid bed. Luckily his older brothers were there to make the transition easier.

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“Saying goodbye to the baby crib but I didn’t expect them all to tear up,” the video caption read.

“We will have to take it apart,” the older brother explained to his younger brother.

“Bye. I’ll miss that bed,” the younger brother said.

“Give one last hug, one last hug to say goodbye,” the older brother said. “I see a bit of a sad face of him.”

The big brother’s twin brother then came along to comfort the little guy too.

“Would you miss it? Your crib? A lot a lot a lot of times?” the twin brother said. “Just take one last sleep in it.”

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The little boy began to tear up. The moment was bittersweet.

The older brother explained that he was “sad too that’s going to happen” because “when I always go and check on him when he’s still asleep it’s gorgeous.”

The three boys started to tear up and console each other as their mom explained the youngest wasn’t a baby anymore. The brothers agreed to take one last sleep in it together so they could have “snuggle time.”

The video received 6.6 million views and 1.3 million likes on TikTok.

“It’s the open and acceptance of emotions for me. I was the youngest of 3 bros. Lot of teasing and bullying. I wish I had this,” a user said.

“This is literally the sweetest video of the sweetest boys, my heart can’t take it,” another added.

“Mom is a queen raising compassionate little ones,” someone wrote.

“They’re so good at validating each other’s feelings THANK YOU for showing how compassionate kids can be,” a TikToker commented.

“I love these boys, they are so in tune with each other,” a person replied.

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