As Todd And Julie Chrisley Remain In Prison, Their Son Chase Talks Family’s New Reality Show And Tackling Parents’ Incarcerations

 screenshot chrisley knows best
screenshot chrisley knows best

The Chrisley family has been dealing with new family dynamics since the heads of the household, Todd and Julie Chrisley, began serving jail time after being found guilty of bank fraud and more. As a result of their legal woes, the brood’s flagship reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, was canceled by USA Network. But now, their relatives are set to return to the airwaves by way of a new series that’s yet to announce an official title. Specific details on the project have been vague thus far, but the couple’s son, Chase Chrisley, provided a bit more insight into what viewers can expect. That includes the way in which the show will tackle his parents’ incarceration.

Following the demise of Chrisley Knows Best, there was much speculation about whether or not Julie and Todd Chrisley’s kids would opt to do another show. The new production was ultimately announced in early August, months after the celebrity couple reported to prison to begin their stints. At present, many seem to be champing at the bit for details on what’s to come. Chase Chrisley divulged a few details during an interview while explaining how he and his siblings are feeling about heading back into production. In doing so, he also made a declaration about how his family will handle business moving forward:

What we’re not going to do is lay down and back down to anybody and we will air it out. With everything that we’ve been going through, there’s been a lot of people that have been talking and kind of trying to tell our story for us, so we were like we might as well get out there and tell it ourselves.

It sounds like Chase Chrisley is adamant about wanting the opportunity to set the record straight on the narrative surrounding him and his relatives. Of course, that includes the various rumors that have swirled around his parents over the past several months. While discussing the series with Extra, Todd and Julie’s oldest son referenced his parents while teasing the contents of the TV offering:

We'll address everything that we're going through on a day to day basis with our new reality. Updates on my parents and our family situation and just kind of trying to navigate the waters of that.

Since news of the upcoming program broke, more reports involving the parents have surfaced. Insiders claimed Todd Chrisley was “thrilled and happy” to hear that his kids and mother, Nanny Faye, are getting the chance to return to the small screen. However, it’s said that he also wants the project to put emphasis on the alleged struggles he’s having while in jail. In addition, sources also say there’s a chance Todd and Julie could still be involved through vocal cameos, since cameras, of course, aren’t allowed in their respective facilities.

The couple’s jail time has been discussed extensively by the Chrisley kids, with Chase and Savannah specifically having been vocal on the matter. Savannah claimed her mother was facing down snakes in her cell, while Chase alleged that both the husband and wife had no air conditioning. In addition to the couple’s prison lives, the family has also been candid about their own lives and what they’ve been like as of late. Chase’s recent comments give one the feeling that he and his loved ones will continue to be open about their circumstances – if not more so – when filming for their new show begins.

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