TODAY'S CHARTS: 3 retailers defying the 'Amazon effect'

Amazon. Is. Everywhere.

No other company has popped up in as many earnings calls as the Bezos behemoth. Of the 700 companies that have reported earnings, Amazon’s (AMZN) name has been spoken of in about 75 calls, according to Reuters. And we haven’t even gotten the majority of retail earnings yet, where Amazon is really feasting on its smaller competitors.

But there are some brick-and-mortar retailers that are resisting the “Amazon effect.”

If we look at the key metric of sales per square foot, here are the retailers that are making the most bang for the buck on their real estate, according to CoStar:

Leading the pack for apparel—a notoriously difficult space—is Lululemon (LULU) with sales of $1,560 per square foot. The stock is down about 7% over the past six months, but it has been climbing back, thanks in large part to strong growth in China and the UK.

Then there’s Tiffany (TIF), a brick-and-mortar diamond in the rough, with sales of $2,951 per square foot. The stock has soared 21% over the past 6 months, in part because of its strong customer base and the importance of the touch-and-feel experience in jewelry shopping. It also doesn’t hurt that its stores tend to be in upscale malls, so they haven’t been as affected by large department store closings.

Finally, the #1 retailer in sales per square foot is … Apple (AAPL). The tech giant made a staggering $5,546 per square foot. Not too surprising, considering the hefty price tags on its products and their large margins (around 38% in the first half of 2017). The stock is up almost 23% over the past 6 months.

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