Toblerone just revealed a limited edition golden Toblerone bar and it looks delicious

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Photo credit: Toblerone
Photo credit: Toblerone

Toblerone has been teasing a new flavour and now we finally know what it is. The brand is launching a super limited edition golden Toblerone with a caramel flavour and it looks delicious.

Not to be mistaken for the golden packaged Toblerone, this new delight is golden chocolate through and through!

Only 5000 are being made, which is very small numbers for chocolate, so we imagine there will be competition to get your hands on one of these bars. They will be available from the Toblerone UK website in a 360g size bar, and cost a rather pricey £17, though this is in line with the personalised bars for gifting on the site.

The bars were first brought to our attention by food blogger @sweetreviewsuk on Instagram, who revealed the caramel flavour, writing:"💛 Yes you have seen and heard correctly, after A LOT of teasing, @tobleroneuk have finally announced their new limited edition Toblerone is Golden Caramel chocolate 😍 and by golly it looks 😙"

We're big fans of blonde chocolate here at GH, and who doesn't love Toblerone? So we have very high hopes for this bar.

Before the flavour was revealed the brand asked fans to guess, and people suggested everything from strawberry to white chocolate with coconut, and lots got close with slight variations like salted caramel, or caramel with honeycomb. Now that is one we'd have to try!

The bars aren't on sale just yet, but the brand promised fans all will be revealed within the week. So not too long to wait!

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