15 Ugly Christmas Sweaters So Good, You'll Be the Life of the Holiday Party

It's an unspoken rule that everyone should own at least one so-called "ugly Christmas sweater." You know, the ones that are decked out in clashing patterns and dubious details like tinsel, bells, and, on occasion, literal LED lights. While the goal is never actually to look *bad* while wearing one, the point is to look as festive as possible, even if your look borders on straight-up wild.

Of course, there's nowhere that says your new sweater has to be worn exclusively to ugly Christmas sweater parties. If you simply want to live your most joyful life this season in a crewneck with Santa Claus drinking wine on the front, so be it! There's an over-the-top option for everyone, including, but not limited to, corgi-lovers, golfers, and Coca-Cola obsessives.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best ugly Christmas sweaters from Walmart (because buying a funky sweater shouldn't mean breaking the bank).

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