Timothée Chalamet Parodied Troye Sivan On SNL, And I'm Loving The Singer's Response To The Sketch

 Timothee Chalamet as Troye Sivan for SNL.
Timothee Chalamet as Troye Sivan for SNL.

It’s not an episode of Saturday Night Live without a few celebrities or political figures being playfully impersonated by the cast and host of the week. Some might even say you haven’t truly made it in Hollywood until you’ve been the butt of a joke in a sketch. This week was no exception, as Timothée Chalamet returned to 30 Rock and stepped into the role of Australian YouTuber-turned-recording artist Troye Sivan — much to the audience and Sivan’s own delight, which I'm loving.

While some celebrities aren’t always thrilled when SNL parodies them, it’s safe to say Troye Sivan definitely was! He was such a fan that not only did he share the sketch on his Instagram, tagging Timothée Chalamet and Bowen Yang, but he also changed his profile picture to a still of the Wonka star’s portrayal. Take a look at the video he shared and his funny caption:

The hilarious SNL sketch centers on a woman (Sarah Sherman), who is seeking help with her sleep paralysis, as it has her seeing a mysterious figure. As the doctor (Bowen Yang) begins to run the test, it becomes clear that the mysterious figure is actually the "My My My!" performer. Eventually, musical guest Boygenius also makes an appearance as the singer, with Yang also getting in on the fun, as they dance in their red briefs. As of this writing, the clip has garnered 919K on YouTube, and it's likely that the singer himself can account for at least one of those views.

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It’s refreshing seeing a celebrity embrace the zaniness that is the long-running sketch show. I’m sure Boygenius’ Lucy Dacus is relieved to see the Australian singer celebrating the moment since she captioned her SNL photo dump on Instagram: “I’m sorry troye sivan.”

Honestly, I think the recent Grammy nominee using the image of Timothée Chalamet as his profile picture is just as funny as the sketch. It shows just how elated he is with how it turned out. What makes it so great is that the Boy Erased alum had nothing to do with the sketch. Usually, the only time celebrities actually praise the show is when they appear in the episode, so this was a rare and delightful occurrence. I totally need to see him be the musical guest this season so he can take a stab at parodying the lead of the Wonka cast.

Troye Sivan’s support seems to have come at an interesting time, given this week’s episode is also getting criticized by Hollywood and people on social media. A sketch about Britney Spears' memoir has pushed the buttons of the singer’s manager, who called cast member Chloe Fineman’s impression “pathetic.” Meanwhile, Please Don’t Destroy’s latest video is also making headlines for including a Hamas joke.

Saturday Night Live has been criticized on numerous occasions throughout its nearly 50 years on the air. Not every SNL sketch can be the funniest but, sometimes, even those consider to be terrible manage to become amazing as they age. All of that aside, it’s always nice when celebrities and public figures are able to laugh at themselves like Troye Sivan has. I’m sure it definitely makes for a more enjoyable experience for the cast.

If you missed this week’s episode, you can stream it with a Peacock subscription or catch the highlights on the official YouTube page. And don’t miss next week’s episode when movie star Jason Momoa and musical guest Tate McRae take the historic stage. You can also read up on other SNL Season 49 hosts and musical guests that are confirmed for this season.