Timothée Chalamet wants a musical cinematic universe with his Bob Dylan and Austin Butler's Elvis

The King may have left the building, but Chalamet is eager for him to stop by for a quick visit.

Timothée Chalamet wants a little more action from Austin Butler's Elvis.

While promoting Dune: Part Two, Chalamet confessed to NME and Butler that he really wants Butler's version of Elvis Presley (as seen in 2022's Elvis) to pop up in his own upcoming musical biopic about Bob Dylan.

After admitting that he'd asked his Dune: Part Two costar for a ton of tips on portraying a famous rock star, Chalamet told Butler about his dream. "I'm deep in the Bob Dylan lore and he had tremendous respect for Elvis and Sun Records," Chalamet said. "I wish you were in it! There’s an Elvis character in the Johnny Cash biopic [Walk the Line]. It’s really brief, it’s very brief, but I was kind of wishing we could create a musical cinematic universe.”

“It's so cool to discuss process and work through things. I can’t wait for that film,” Butler added. “I wish I could be on set every day to just watch the magic happen.”

<p>Victor Chavez/Shutterstock</p> Austin Butler and Timothee Chalamet

Victor Chavez/Shutterstock

Austin Butler and Timothee Chalamet

Just as Butler did as Elvis (and earned an Oscar nomination for it), Chalamet will do his own singing for the role in the forthcoming Dylan biopic from director James Mangold (Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny). The film is rumored to take place in 1965, centering on the moment when Dylan transitioned from his folk roots to a more rock and roll sensibility, sparking outrage from some of his fans.

According to Mangold, the biopic will feature Dylan "being embraced into the family of folk music in New York and then, of course, kind of outrunning them at a certain point as his star rises so beyond belief. It's such an interesting true story and about such an interesting moment in the American scene. Different characters from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Pete Seeger to Joan Baez — they all have a role to play in this movie."

So why not add Elvis to that mix? The movie isn't scheduled to begin filming until August so there's still time to get Butler back in the jumpsuit.

C'mon Austin, do the voice. Even if you will need help to get rid of it.

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