Timothée Chalamet drives fans wild with new Apple TV+ commercial: ‘The greatest advert ever’

Timothée Chalamet drives fans wild with new Apple TV+ commercial: ‘The greatest advert ever’

Timothée Chalamet fans are calling on Apple TV+ to hire the actor after he expressed his desire to land a role for the streaming service in an amusing new campaign.

In the new campaign, which is titled: “Call Me With Timothée Chalamet,” it sees the Dune star, 27, questioning why he’s not involved in any of Apple TV+’s projects as he peruses offerings such as Jason Sudeikis’ comedy Ted Lasso, Selena Gomez’s documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me, and science fiction psychological thriller Severance.

The commercial begins with Chalamet and a friend watching Academy Award-winning film CODA, as the actor acknowledges Apple’s achievement. “Wow. Apple. Best picture,” Chalamet tells his friend, who responds: “So amazing, right?”

Chalamet then proceeds to reference his own achievements, adding: “I was in two Best Picture nominees last year.”

During another moment, a pensive Chalamet flips through Apple TV+’s selection on an iPad, completely unaware of the screaming fans outside his car window. “Jennifer Lawrence? Selena Gomez documentary? Why don’t I have a documentary,” the actor asks himself, before the campaign sees him contemplating a role in TV as he studies a billboard for Emmy-winning Ted Lasso. “I could do TV,” he decides.

After watching Severance, which Chalamet sums up as “weird,” the actor tells himself he is also capable of “weird,” before deciding that he “could do prison” after watching Apple TV+’s Blackbird.

At one point, Chalamet accepts a FaceTime call from Jason Momoa, who informs him he has just finished filming his Apple TV+ series Chief of War.

“Wait, you have a new Apple show?” Chalamet asks Momoa, prompting the Game of Thrones star to scoff and reply: “At this point, who doesn’t?”

“Yeah, I mean, who doesn’t at this point? Like you just said…” a flustered Chalamet replies.

The commercial also sees Chalamet lash out at Sudeikis’ success as Ted Lasso, which he notes is just “Sudeikis with a mustache,” and later, contemplate Apple TV+’s upcoming film Killers of the Flower Moon, which includes big names such as Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Hey Apple, call me?” the Call Me By Your Name star asks as he looks into the camera.

On social media, the amusing campaign has been a hit with viewers, who have urged Apple to recruit the actor.

“Can we get this boy a comedy on Apple? I laughed through this entire video! He’s got great timing!” one person tweeted, while another said: “Apple, don’t be shy, give the man a documentary!”

“I think this is maybe one of the greatest ads ever. It’s so funny, and @RealChalamet is the perfect choice. I would really love to see him in an @AppleTVPlus exclusive movie or TV show,” someone else wrote.

Chalamet’s campaign also prompted praise for Apple and its successful marketing, with many applauding the streaming service for the effective ad.

“These guys know how to get people’s attention and sell a product,” one person wrote, while someone else said: “Let’s be honest…this ad is better than most films.”

Another person revealed that the campaign was so effective that they’d been convinced to subscribe. “I’m getting Apple TV+” they wrote.

Chalamet’s appearance in the campaign comes after Apple TV+ introduced a similar ad last year starring John Hamm. In the previous clip, Hamm also questioned why he hadn’t been picked for any of the streaming service’s roles.

Fortunately for Hamm, the campaign appeared to be effective, as he will appear in the upcoming third season of The Morning Show, according to People.