Timeless stripes define this Italian jewel

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel living room
Timeless stripes define this Italian jewelAndrea Ferrari

At sunset, the light hits the cathedral in the medieval city of Orvieto, gilding the bands of black basalt and white travertine that wrap the ancient edifice. It’s a daily display of beauty that inspired the transformation of the nearby 15th-century Palazzo Petrvs into a boutique hotel.

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel exterior
Andrea Ferrari

Built in 1475 for the wealthy notary Petrvs Facienus, the palazzo was in an abandoned state when new owner Raffaele Tysserand took it on, but the young entrepreneur, who has lived in Orvieto since he was 16, wanted to create something extraordinary that would bring attention back to his city.

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel
Andrea Ferrari

He dreamed of creating a contemporary grand-tour experience in a placethat felt modern yet respectful of history, so he turned to the expertise of architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva.

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel courtyard
Andrea Ferrari

‘I didn’t know the city and Raffaele wanted me to be inspired by the place,’ recalls Giuliano. ‘We explored inside noble old buildings, discovering elegant gardens and frescoes tarnished by time.’ It was the cathedral in particular, though, that had the most noticeable influence on this project.

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel bathroom
Andrea Ferrari

Stripes appear throughout, from floors to the sides of tables and even bathtubs. It’s a design feature that Giuliano says lends ‘a sense of balance and unexpected contemporaneity’ to the boutique hotel’s restored Renaissance ceilings and grand, original proportions.

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel bedroom
Andrea Ferrari

Now, the atmosphere is warm and relaxed at Palazzo Petrvs. In the morning, the scent of freshly baked bread fills the picturesque courtyard. At dusk, service is set in the restaurant, housed in the deconsecrated Renaissance church where, around the long central table, candlelit meals become a celebration of an ancient conviviality renewed.

giuliano dell’uva orvieto hotel dining room
Andrea Ferrari

For Raffaele and Giuliano, what began as a working relationship evolved over time into a deep friendship that can be felt in every part of this lovingly restored sleeping beauty that feels more home than hotel. palazzopetrvs.com