Tim Lovejoy falls to the floor in 'Sunday Brunch' intro gone wrong

Tim Lovejoy’s enthusiastic introduction to the latest instalment of Sunday Brunch at the weekend didn’t go as planned.

The presenter welcomed viewers to the Channel 4 show with a joyful jump, however, he ended up losing his footing and taking a tumble to the ground on the live show.

His co-star Simon Rimmer laughed as he observed that he wouldn’t be able to help him up due to social distancing measures.

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The accident prompted chuckles from the crew, as Lovejoy jested the production team were being “disrespectful”.

The show later tweeted: “We can confirm Tim is okay.”

Fans of the programme were tickled by the gaffe and even Take That’s Gary Barlow had a joke to make about it.

“Hope u had good trip Tim - see you next fall,” he remarked on Twitter.

Sunday Brunch returned to the studio at the end of last month after Lovejoy and Rimmer fronted the programme from their homes from March due to lockdown.

Lovejoy told viewers back in May: “Whilst we are excited to be here, we are also taking strict measures to ensure the safety of our guests and crew.

Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer attending the National Television Awards 2017 at the O2, London. (Photo by Matt Crossick/PA Images via Getty Images)

“As you can see, it’s just the two of us here for now. We will be bringing a couple of guests on separately later on in the show …

“There is never more than three of us here at any one time and we can make sure social distancing is possible at all times.”

“We are working with a much smaller crew and we have reduced the numbers and contact, it is looking a lot quieter than usual,” Rimmer added.