TikTok's Come Up With A New Way To Open Haribo Packets And It Just Makes Sense

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Photo credit: @maddylucydann/Getty
Photo credit: @maddylucydann/Getty

There’s nothing more annoying than treating yourself to some tasty Haribo, then opening the bag and half of them ending up on the floor.


Anyhoo… like we were saying – it’s so annoying opening one of those fiddly bags and it splitting and throwing your precious sweets everywhere. So, when we came across this TikTok that shows you the correct way to open a bag of Haribos, we were beside ourselves.

Thanks to @maddylucydann, we now know that you should actually open them down the side not at the top.

Yup – in the short video, Maddy explains that, “To open a small pack of Haribo, don’t open like a crisp packet because then it opens weird, doesn’t open, splits, you lose the structural integrity of the lateral aspects.

“Instead, shake the sweets down to the other side and then take the top and tear across.

“Perfect! Perfect sweets every time. I’ve got three packs of Haribo open to eat now!”

People on TikTok were quick to praise Maddy for her hack, with one person saying, “Thank you my life is now complete you don’t know how many Haribo soldiers I have lost to this diabolical scheme.”

So, this article goes out to all our fallen Haribo boys.

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