This TikToker's impression of MAFS star Morag is spot on

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Married At First Sight has been a wild old ride this season. From Nikita's dinner 'incident' (will we ever get to the bottom of that?) to the scandalous Megan and Jordan kiss, it's been non-stop drama. Which is why it's good news that TikTok is managing to find the comedy in ever episode, and one TikToker named Hollie in particular is sending fans wild with her impressions of MAFS star Morag. They are truly spot on.

Morag has been a bit of a scene stealer this series, from her many idiosyncrasies (which fans have loved) to the *huge* drama between her Joshua and Amy, after she revealed that Joshua had slid into her DMs in the past. She's nothing if not memorable.

Which is why this TikToker's impressions of the 31-year-old veterinary nurse are currently doing the rounds online.

Her first Morag impression is currently sitting on more than 17,000 likes, while her latest one (our personal fave) has racked up more than 44,000 likes and almost a million views.

Fans are absolutely losing it in the comments over how accurate the impersonations are, and quoting Morag's now infamous lines.

"The laugh is spot on 馃槀馃槀馃槀," one person wrote, and another said "SCREAMMMINGFG THE LAUGH," and in perhaps our favourite comment someone else wrote, "AND AIII STILL FEEL LIKE IOYM FOIGHTIN FORRRR EEITTTTT."

If that all wasn't enough the TikToker has also previously done an impression of Nikita which honestly sounds like audio of Nikita talking (it's not, obviously).

Keep them coming, Hollie. We're obsessed.

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