TikToker Reveals A Genius Hack To Make Bar-Worthy Cocktail Garnishes At Home

tiktok dried citrus hack
How To Make Cocktail Garnishes Using An Air Fryer Getty Images

There once was a time when fancy garnishes were the reserve of high-end cocktail bars (we’re talking the kind that serve you bowls of nuts in tiny ramekins) or serious home mixologists… but times are changing. Thanks to a genius TikToker, @cambydesign, we’ve learned the easy way to make dried citrus garnishes at home using just one trusty tool: the air fryer. Seriously, is there anything it can’t do?

The video shows @cambydesign placing sliced citrus fruit in the air fryer for a few hours using the dehydration setting (who knew?). She's captioned it: "When you're too lazy to go out, but feeling fancy." Honestly, we're 100% on board.

The video, which has racked up over 235,000 likes, has blown a lot of minds on the internet, with one user commenting: "I was today years old when I found out my air fryer has a dehydration button. I asked my mom to confirm" and another adding: "Never noticed this and I have the same air fryer!"

The model in question is the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, but lots of other options offer a dehydration setting too. Not taken the plunge and purchased an air fryer yet? Where've you been? Take a look at our top picks on the market RN.

It’s perfect timing, of course, as we're heading towards Christmas hosting and citrus fruit is in season. We’ll be trying this with blood orange for our Santa Clausmopolitans to lime for our Mistletoe Margaritas, but we reckon you could use it for homemade Christmas garlands and cake decor, too.