TikToker peels up ‘millennial gray boomer carpet’ to reveal original 1920s tile: ‘Who in their right mind would cover that masterpiece?’

A TikToker was stunned when they decided to pull up their home’s millennial gray carpet to reveal hand-painted tiles from the 1920s — and now the discovery is going viral.

Artist and TikTok creator Ko (@.koseiris) gained over 7.5 million views, 667,000 likes, 15,000 saves and 3,900 comments when they uploaded their historical discovery to their account.

While we’ve seen blasts from the past go viral on the app before — like the $1 estate sale purse that turned out to be a 1920s Cartier bag worth thousands, Ko’s video has inspired a lively debate between older and younger generations and their interior design preferences.

In the video — captioned “Boomer carpet and millenial grey are banned from this home” — Ko films the moment they cut into their bedroom carpet, peel it back and reveal hand-painted tiles from a bygone era.

According to Ko, the tiles were likely left intact over the years because they’re protected by the town’s historical society, much like Ko’s stained glass front doors.

But rather than leave them on display, it seems previous tenants decided to cover them up with carpet — a choice thousands of TikTokers took issue with in the comments.

“Who in their right mind would cover that masterpiece?” asked @jess_grimmer.

“Good lord those tiles are absolutely beautiful wtf” wrote @that_one_lemonjuice.

“Carpet is the worst thing to ever happened istg,” commented @virusteapot.

“Carpet is now boomer,” wrote @kjdub5.

Architectural history lovers begged Ko for more footage of their 1920s home, which they provided in a follow-up video tour.

According to TikTok trends, dopamine decor and maximalism are on the rise with Gen Z tenants. Rather than filling their homes and apartments with gray/neutral tones and modern accents, they’re embracing their homes’ original character and charm and filling them with bold, colorful pieces.

However, not everyone seems to be on board with Gen Z’s design aesthetic, as evidenced in Ko’s comment section.

“Whats boomer about that carpet?” asked @backonmyshitagain2.

“I guess I’m a boomer cause carpet looks better than that,” commented @nuggies.z.

“You can pry my millennial gray from my cold dead hands!” wrote @rebeccaa_annn93.

However, in a follow-up video, Ko clarified that they never meant to hate on older generations or their tastes:

“Boomers like carpet. It’s just a fact. … Then you got a lot of people who like the sad beige baby type stuff. … I never actually said anything negative about it. I just personally cannot stand carpet, and I personally cannot stand gray.

“If you like carpet, and if you like Millennial Gray, you do you, bro. I will support you. But in my house, I want color. … People who move into my house will probably be ripping on me and be like, ‘Oh, Gen Z and their colors. It looks so tacky.’

“And you know what, that’s fine if they don’t like it. … Whoever comes into my house next, decorate to your heart’s content. … Make your house as beautiful as you see it in your own eyes.”

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