This TikToker Just Revealed The Craziest McDonald's Menu Hack Involving Apple Pie

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This TikToker Just Revealed The Craziest McDonald's Menu Hack Involving Apple Pie

We're no strangers to a good McDonald's menu hack. From how to get the freshest and hottest fries of your life to how to make an iced coffee milkshake, there are just so many hacks and tips out there, and we love them all equally.

But what if we told you that we just discovered *the* ultimate dessert hack and it involves McDonald's signature apple pie...

Yep! Thanks to a certain TikToker, @adrianwidjy, you can now enjoy ice cream-stuffed apple pies. You're welcome!

In the clip, Adrian simply slices off one end of the apple pie and proceeds to stuff the slice with a huge spoonful of a McDonald's Oreo McFlurry. And that's IT! You're left with a hybrid apple pie ice cream slice. Yum, or what?

Adrian's video has gathered over 16,000 views along with hundreds of likes from eager fans.

In other fast food news, have you seen Burger King's latest vegan-friendly innovation? Vegan NUGS! A-huh, Burger King’s vegan nuggets are the UK’s first ever vegan nuggets from a fast food chain restaurant.

They are certified as 100% vegan from the Vegan Society, and have been created in collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher; containing soy and plant proteins only.

Photo credit: Burger King
Photo credit: Burger King

And before you panic that these nuggets will only be around for Veganuary, Burger King has confirmed that they’ll be a permanent fixture on the BK menu.

The vegan nuggets, which come with a vegan sweet chilli dip, are available in servings of six, nine or 20 nuggets.

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