TikToker explains how to use new picture-in-picture feature on app

TikTok creator Julia Huynh (@jigglyjulia) recently found a feature while scrolling on the app that “shook” her to the point where she had to make a PSA for her followers.

Huynh was surprised to find that she could use picture-in-picture, which allows users to close out of the TikTok app and continue to watch videos. There are several other features that come with this, such as the ability to fast-forward or rewind 10 seconds, autoplay videos and resize the screen.

“Picture in picture and autoplay is gonna be the best thing for when im doing my skincare,” Huynh wrote in the video’s caption.

To activate this feature, press and hold a finger down on a video to bring up the settings. Then, click the picture-in-picture option. After that, users will be able to use different apps while still watching videos. The feature is also available on desktop and uses a similar process, replacing the finger with a right click. Users can’t fast-forward or rewind on their desktop, but they can view other tabs while viewing TikTok videos.

Huynh also discussed how the picture-in-picture feature could be a detriment to viewers’ attention spans, which are already pulled in multiple directions.

“Our attention spans are gonna be screwed,” Huynh said. “Imagine having to do something else while watching a 15-second video.

Several of Huynh’s viewers appeared to agree with her about the hit their attention spans might take.

“Honestly this is crazy bc now i’m gonna be scrolling on twitter while watching tiktok’s i’m done for,” commented @alli12036.

“I have it and hadn’t used it. did not realize it autoplays,” @kayyyuuuh replied. “Game changer but for sure making my attention span worse.”

This is just one thing TikTokers can do to change their viewing experience. Another trick is to press and hold the side of the screen to make the video play twice as fast.

Many TikTokers already live with this reality, as countless videos include a second video within the video, purportedly meant to keep viewers’ attention. Overstimulation videos have become staples on TikTok, with Subway Surfers, Family Guy and ASMR clips among the most common.

TikTokers have had their attention split between videos within the app before, and this new feature allows them to do so while scrolling their entire phone.

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