TikToker Chris Rooney — aka, 'Yeet Baby' — Returns to School After 17 Days in Mental Health Facility

The content creator says he’s “very glad I got the help I needed”

Chris Rooney — who shot to viral fame on TikTok under the name “Yeet Baby” — is returning to school after spending 17 days in a mental health facility.

“I spent 17 days (not that I was counting) in a mental health facility. Had to have my mother pick me up 😇 Very glad I got the help I needed and love being back!,” he wrote on an Instagram selfie of him and his mother in what appeared to be a drugstore.

Rooney, 26, is now “back to being a student after dropping out 5 years ago,” as he wrote on an Instagram photo of him exuberantly jumping into the air, with a schoolbag on his back.

The photo was split with a pic of his niece Marleigh’s first day of pre-kindergarten.

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“What are the chances that Mar and Uncle Chris go back to school the same day 22 years apart 🤣,” the caption read. It continued, “Thank you for the support and prayers everyone, it is truly appreciated. More sends it coming up when things calm down a little! One step at a time.”

The moniker “Yeet Baby” comes from Marleigh's first word, "yeet," according to Rolling Stone It was Rooney’s videos of Marleigh and her younger brother Jack sloppily pouring liquids and making a mess that caused the content creator to shoot to viral fame.

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But in recent months, the Fredericksburg, Va., native was “visibly not in his right mind” and disappeared, as his family said in a statement shared on August 8 to the Yeet Baby Instagram account.

Rooney had reportedly split from his wife before disappearing, and referred to comments about his separation as “triggering,” and said they “make me an angry person.”

“As many of you know, his life the last 6 months have been nothing short of difficult. What you all witnessed leading up to his disappearance was all of his emotions coming to a head,” the family wrote in the statement.

“Prior to his disappearance he had seen the movie Sound of Freedom, and like many others, he was sick to his core over it. This prompted him to post links to raise money for the cause of ending child sex trafficking.”

“To many of you this may have seemed odd, but he genuinely wanted and still wants to help this case. Unfortunately, it was posted at a time that he was also visibly not in his right mind and not acting like the Chris we know and love,” the family explained.

The statement then noted that Rooney “was presumed missing the following day.”

<p>Chris Rooney/Instagram</p> Chris Rooney is out of a mental health facility, where he spent 17 days.

Chris Rooney/Instagram

Chris Rooney is out of a mental health facility, where he spent 17 days.

“We, as his family and friends, were afraid for his life,” the statement continued. “We posted immediately on social media to look out for him to aid police in looking for him.”

“After several hours of not knowing if he was alive or dead, we got word that he had checked himself into a mental health facility,” the family revealed in the statement.

But now Rooney is back —and making videos again. On Wednesday, the TikTok star shared a clip of his nephew’s reaction to his newly shaved head on his Instagram stories.

“What is wrong with your hair?” the tot asked, earning a big laugh from Rooney.

He also posted a photo of himself relaxing in a hot tub, with a hat covering up his shorn head, captioning the photo, "Who knew 7/11 had hats like this #nice."

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