TikToker channels her creativity into innovative cupcake designs

Emerald Pellot
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Rachel is a baker from Dublin, Ireland and creative cupcakes are her specialty.

The baker delights more than 88,000 TikTok followers with her unique style of icing. Rachel has made buttercream cupcakes that look like Baby Yoda, the Grinch and adorable fuzzy little monsters.

While Rachel has a background in baking, she started sharing her confections on TikTok during the lockdown.

“I’ve been baking since 2012 but I have only been icing cupcakes since October,” Rachel told In The Know. “I used to make larger cakes for weddings and birthdays. I don’t have a shop or website, it’s just for fun, to be honest. Something I started to keep me busy in lockdown.”

“Fun” is exactly what she infuses her treats with — all of her cupcakes are arranged in colorful colors with a punchy, cartoonish style.

Like the adorable pig cupcake she frosted at a TikTok user’s request. Rachel used an icing gun to make small pink florets on a cupcake top. Then she added a white sphere of frosting with black dots to create the nose and a couple of candy balls for the eyes.

“I’d say the best part about icing cupcakes, for me is the creativity. You really could make nearly anything into a cupcake,” Rachel said.

These cheap beauty dupes look just like the real thing!:

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