This TikTok video will completely change how you apply highlighter

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Photo credit: Rose Siard/@roseandben
Photo credit: Rose Siard/@roseandben

When it comes to picking the perfect bronzer, I often consider its undertones and opt for something that won’t look muddy or ashy against my skin tone. Similarly, with blusher, I put some thought into choosing the right colour, too.

But highlighters? I often just pick whatever looks pretty and can deliver a shimmer-free, natural glow. Except, I may have been making a big mistake here.

To achieve a seamless glow, you actually need to put some time and thought into the highlighter shade you choose. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do often turn to champagne and brown-toned formulas to suit my brown skin but one TikTok video made me realise there’s a bit more to it than that.

Makeup artist Rose Siard (@roseandben) posted a video on TikTok, in which she explains how to pick highlighter suited to your skin tone. She starts the video saying: “I wish somebody had told me this sooner” and honestly, SAME.

Showing a Huda Beauty Glow Obsessions Palette, Rose swatches the first highlighter shade onto the back of her hand, explaining: “See, it looks so nice when the light’s hitting it”.

She adds: “Here’s the kicker.” Rose then moves her hand out of the light, saying: “It’s way too dark when the light’s not hitting it.” And she’s completely right, the colour of the highlighter looks completely different.

Once all three shades are on her hand, Rose admits they all look pretty under a bright light but explains that you need to look at whether a highlighter “disappears” when it’s out of direct light.

Picking the perfect shade for her, Rose applies it to her cheeks, saying: “Now, when we look straight on, it’s not going to look like a bruise”.

To demonstrate her point, she then applies a shade that is too dark for her and – you guessed it – once the light isn’t directly hitting it, it does look like her skin is slightly bruised. Watch the magic for yourself:

It makes complete sense. Highlighters look their absolute best when sunshine or light is bouncing off of it. But unfortunately, we aren’t Morticia Addams and can’t always have a beam of light shining onto our faces.

Guys, my highlighter game will never be the same again. Rose, thank you.

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