TikTok Users Swear By Freezing Their Kinder Buenos

·1-min read

TikTok has given us a whole host of food trends, from lockdown’s Dalgona coffee to that infamous one-tray baked feta pasta, and more recently, butter boards (which we're all for, by the way).

But while many TikTok recipes require a certain level of kitchen know-how, the latest sensation requires just two things: a Kinder Bueno and, err — your freezer. Now, it might sound strange, but TikTokers are going wild for the frozen treat, with videos racking over a million views.

The video above shows the couple placing the Kinder Bueno in the freezer for a couple of hours (next to a miniature cactus, which, frankly we have questions about), before tucking in. They look impressed, and other users were, too, with one commenting: "Is this not how everyone eats them?!" and another adding: "Been doing this for years, literally the only way I eat it."

This got us thinking; in theory, wouldn’t all filled chocolate bars be even tastier fresh out the freezer? We’re talking everything from Cadbury mini rolls to Snickers, and, of course, the white chocolate Kinder Bueno (even better than the original, don’t @ us).

It's not the first time the chocolate bar has found TikTok fame, with a Kinder Bueno inspired cocktail made by @Antscockys, real name Ant Morley, becoming a viral sensation last summer. Honestly, it tastes just like a boozy melted white Kinder Bueno.

I think it's about time we stocked up before the shelves are cleared...