How to make the TikTok tiled side table, which we're obsessed with

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TikTok has become a real source of inspiration recently. From skincare advice, to new recipes, to cleaning hacks. We're also now turning to it for ways to upgrade our interiors, too.

Our For You Page has been stuffed full of pastel inspired decor, with gallery walls and gingham touches taking centre stage. And one thing we also can't stop seeing is cute tiled side tables and coffee tables.

Because it turns out tiles aren't just for your bathrooms or backsplashes - clever DIY experts have been turning boring old wooden tables into fun and chic side tables by covering them in square tiles and adding their own grout.

Admittedly, on first glance this feels ~slightly~ out of our DIY capabilities. But any tutorial suggests it's actually more doable than first meets the eye - all you need is a square side table, adhesive, tiles and grout. Easy, right?

TikTok tiled side table tutorial

What you need:

  • A four sided cube side table, or something similar made from MDF

  • Tile adhesive

  • Square tiles to cover your cube

  • Ready-made grout

  • A grout scraper

  • A sponge

After covering your side table in tile adhesive, carefully line up your tiles to cover the whole structure. Use tile spaces if you need to, but don't worry too much about larger gaps on the corners - the grout will cover this. Once your adhesive has set and dried, cover with your ready-made grout, being sure to scrape the surface evenly. Once this has dried, use warm water and a sponge to remove any excess grout from the surface of your tiles.

TikTokers seem to suggest the tables are heavy af when they're complete (weighing upwards of 10kg thanks to the weight of the tiles) so be wary of that while you're making your DIY.

We want.

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