TikTok star GK Barry 'felt so attacked' after being 'shouted' at on Benidorm holiday

GK Barry
-Credit: (Image: REX/Shutterstock)

GK Barry has shared that she "feels attacked" after someone shouted at her while on holiday. The social media star, who shot to fame hosting the Saving Grace podcast, is currently in Benidorm with her girlfriend, whose identity she is yet to reveal.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the internet star detailed how they had been shouting at in the street by a stranger. Posting a selfie, Grace added some text, which read: "Guys some ugly English man just shouted lesbians at me and eyelashes, I feel so attacked."

Grace's Spanish getaway comes after she opened up to OK! about her new romance, hinting at he girlfiend's identity. Speaking to us at 2024 BAFTA TV Awards, she said: "I am a WAG. I'm wifed up and that's it, and she's got eyelashes."

GK Barry
GK Barry has shared that she feels 'attacked' after a stranger shouted at her on holiday -Credit:Instagram/GK Barry

She then revealed that she’d met her mystery girlfriend through a mutual friend and, when asked how serious her relationship was, continued: "I'd say if she spoke to anyone else, I'd go to jail. That’s where we’re at."

At the start of the month, Grace revealed that she had been in a relationship for three weeks, but didn’t name who with. She said: “Big news everyone…I am in love. I’m off the market. I’m not going to say who it is. I’m in love and yeah it has been three weeks.

"I manifested this. I said on my last podcast, I want a woman with calves, I want a woman that does football and she came to me like a dream. I am obsessed, I feel like I’ve been missing out. I went very wrong with men. I don’t like men anymore I will never go back to a man again God forbid.

GK Barry
Grace has shared that she's in a relationship with a female footballer -Credit:Instagram/Saving Grace

"I feel like I’ve got a spring in my step and I’m glowing. It’s the lesbian glow, I’ve got it. I don’t think I’ll ever hard launch."

Grace - who appeared on the Channel 4 show Don't Look Down last year - went on to reveal she’s already met her new romance’s friends, but that the night turned rather awkward when she got "paralytic drunk."

The star was so eager to impress her partner’s friends that when they headed out, she treated them to £1.5k table at a nightclub. She explained: "I was already black out drunk and the guy got us a table and said to have this table you have to spend 1.5k. I thought first of all that doesn’t sound right, but in my drunk state I spent 1.5k on a bottle of vodka. I don’t even like vodka."