TikTok star Candice Murley dies ‘unexpectedly’ at 36, according to family

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TikTok creator Candice Murley has died at age 36, according to family  (TikTok / @candicemurley)
TikTok creator Candice Murley has died at age 36, according to family (TikTok / @candicemurley)

TikTok creator Candice Murley has passed away “unexpectedly” at the age of 36, according to her family.

Murley, who went by the usernames @candimurley and @candicemurley on TikTok, where she had a combined 44,000 followers, died at her home in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador on 2 January, according to an obituary posted on the website of Wiseman’s Funeral Home.

Following the content creator’s death, her sister Marsha McEvoy created a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of her funeral. As of Thursday, the crowdfunding page had raised $17,356, surpassing its goal of $15,000.

In the GoFundMe’s description, McEvoy said that the family had “received some news no one wants to hear,” writing: “Tonight we lost a huge part of our family, my sister Candice”.

“This was very unexpected, and our hearts are torn apart. Candice was so full of life and always lived life her own way,” McEvoy continued, adding that her sister loved to dance, listen to music and play Bingo.

However, according to McEvoy, “more than anything” Murley loved her son Maxwell, her cat Stash, and her family.

“We just know she is dancing in the sky now, we all know how much she believed in Heaven, she is certainly there,” she continued. “We hope she is happy and free at last away from all her struggles and [can] be her happy and carefree self forever in eternity.”

On the GoFundMe, McEvoy also acknowledged that her sister was well-known as “Candi” on social media and that she had a “fan base like no other”.

On TikTok, Murley’s videos, which often showed her singing or dancing, were typically viewed thousands of times.

In the last video posted to her account @candimurley, the 36 year old could be seen smoking a cigarette as she responded to a TikTok prompt that questioned how old she would be on her next birthday.

In the last video posted to her @candicemurley account, Murley said that she hated “when the voices in my head go silent, because then I don’t know what those f***ers are up to”.

Just days before the video, Murley had shared a video of herself dancing in celebration of the new year.

“Let’s now look back at all her videos and keep them as our keepsakes to keep us smiling while we deal with this loss, she will be missed terribly by many,” McEvoy wrote on the GoFundMe.

Following the news of Murley’s death, her fans and TikTok followers have flooded the comments under her videos with messages of condolence.

“Rest In Peace Candice. Sending my condolences to her family and friends,” one viewer wrote. “Newfoundland TikTok will never be the same, you’ll surely be missed.”

Another person said: “I will miss your videos Candice. Rest peacefully sweet lady.”

“You were my favourite follower on TikTok, you lived life to the fullest. RIP,” someone else commented under a recent video.

In an update posted to the GoFundMe on 3 January, McEvoy thanked all those who had donated and said that money left over after her sister’s funeral would be put into a trust for Maxwell.

“We are so overwhelmed with the support at this time, Candice was loved by so many and it certainly shows,” she wrote. “Anything left over after her funeral expenses are taken care of including her headstone will be put in a trust for her son Maxwell.”

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