This TikTok Shows You How To Remove Egg Shell From Your Bowl And It’s So Ridiculously Easy

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Photo credit: @simplelifeehacks/Getty
Photo credit: @simplelifeehacks/Getty

Is it just us, or is there nothing more frustrating in the whole universe than breaking an egg and a whole load of shell ending up in the bowl or frying pan too? Maybe we’re being dramatic, except… WE’RE DEFINITELY NOT. THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING WORSE.

Anyhoo, the reason we mention this is that, for years we’ve tried a load of different ways of removing egg shell, but we still struggle every time we go to make scrambled egg or bake a cake, and the bowl ends up full of crunchy egg shell. Not that appetising, is it?

Well, luckily for us, we’ve come across a TikTok hack that promises to solve all our egg-based problems.

The video, which was uploaded by @simplelifeehacks, shows someone breaking an egg into a bowl, but getting a big old piece of shell in there too.

So she runs her finger under a tap so it’s wet. She then places her finger on that dastardly piece of egg shell, and it sticks to her finger – no questions asked!

Another hack we’ve picked up over the years is that you can use another piece of egg shell to remove the piece in your bowl. Just grab the half egg shell you just cracked your egg from and use it like a spoon. The piece in your bowl will be attracted to it, and you can scoop it up real easy.

That’s not one, but TWO hacks for removing egg shell from your bowl. God, we’re good to you.

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