Apparently We've Been Using Microwaves Wrong This Whole Time

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

If there’s a better lunch than last night’s leftovers, then I’d like to hear it.

(Okay, there are plenty of amazing lunches out there, but just humour me, will you?)

But the worst thing about leftovers is having to reheat them, which by 1pm when your belly is at full rumble stage, we just simply don’t have the patience for.

How many times have you microwaved your food and checked it every minute only to find that it’s still freezing cold in the middle but burn-your-tongue-off-hot in other parts? Well, thanks to this super-simple food hack, we now know how to reheat food in the microwave in the quickest way possible.

TikTok user @onlyjayus recently shared with us the most effective ways to use a microwave to reheat food, and it's so simple, we're embarrassed we didn't know about this until now.

She explains that instead of putting the bowl or leftovers in the middle of the microwave, you should actually put it to the side of the rotating plate. Why, well she says,"It should be on the edge so it can actually rotate round and cook evenly."

She also explains how to reheat more than one thing at a time; all thanks to an upturned mug.

Another great hack to heating up leftovers in the microwave comes from @howdoesshe, who recently shared a video of her microwaving pasta leftovers in record time. Instead of just piling it in a Tupperware or on a plate, @howshedoes explains that if you spread the food out in a ring shape with a hole in the middle, your food will be evenly heated through in no time.

Of course, no matter how you choose to use your microwave, make sure your food is piping hot before you eat it.

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