This TikTok shin splint hack has over 215,000 views

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Photo credit: Instagram/WhatRunsYou
Photo credit: Instagram/WhatRunsYou

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A virtual running coach on Tiktok has grabbed the attention of lots of runners who suffer from shin splints. With over 215,000 views and 44,000 likes the video is bringing a level of relief to many runners.

Alysha Flynn has a degree in health sciences behind her and is currently a virtual coach for beginner runners. Her friendly presence online has taken off as her TikTok is filled with running tips and tricks.

Her TikTok account @whatrunsyou shows Alysha freeze a paper cup filled with water. Once frozen she advises runners to tear and rip off a layer from along the cup opening. Holding the bottom of the cup, Alysha recommends massaging the exposed section of ice up and down your shins 15-20 mins after your run. Apply as much pressure as feels good on your shins and the hack is as simple as that.

Shin splints are a very common injury, especially for new runners. Often it can be the case of a sudden increase in movement increases pressure on a runner's lower legs.

There is not a lot that can be done to relieve the pain other than rest. However, the response on this virtual coach’s TikTok seems to show that people have experienced relief from trying out the hack. A runner agreed with this hack in the comments saying, ‘We always keep a stash in the freezer at cross country training camp! Tried and true fave!’. Another runner commented, ‘This is the best shin splints relief I’ve ever experienced!’.

According to Harvard Health shin splints develop when a runner overuses the posterior tibialis muscle which is found in the lower leg by the shin. It often occurs towards the end of a run but if ignored the symptoms will occur much earlier throughout training and risks impacting the runners overall session.

The RICE recovery strategy is recommended by them and includes the importance of ice, just like Alysha shows in her TikTok. Most experts will encourage the RICE rules:

  • Rest the injured muscle — Take a break from running for 7 to 10 days.

  • Ice the injured area to reduce swelling.

  • Compress the muscle with an elastic bandage.

  • Elevate the injured leg.

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