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TikTok says this is the 'worst foundation ever' and the brand's founder just responded

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It's another day which means once again, and quite naturally at this point, another beauty product has gone viral on TikTok. Ahhh the chokehold this app has on us. This time it's yet another foundation taking over our feeds, the newly release Jones Road What The Foundation, £35.76. Though unfortunately, its hype comes with some controversy.

The review that started this whole debacle (if that's what we can even call it) came from makeup artist Meredith Duxbury. The content creator has over 15 million followers, so it should come as no shock that her video received over 13 million views.

After introducing the foundation, she scoops some product out of the pot with her hands to then apply onto her face. After struggling to blend it out, she finishes: "It's gonna be a no from me – I really wanted to like this, though". However, viewers were mostly concerned with one thing about the video: how much foundation Meredith used.

One comment, which has over 100 thousand likes, reads: "Not a fair review. Your not suppose to use half the container".

Whilst someone else said: "why do you use so much".

And another wrote: "that’s definitely not how you use it".

See the video below:

Of course, seeing as the video reached so many of our TikTok pages (guilty), it's not too surprising to hear that the video was also actually viewed by the founder of Jones Road, well-known makeup maven Bobbi Brown herself. Having said that, what is surprising is that Bobbi made a response video, trialling out Meredith's technique.

See her thoughts on Meredith's review here:

If there were a perfect time to use the Kermit tea meme, this would be it. But that's none of my business...

Intrigued after seeing Meredith and Bobbi's videos, other TikTok MUAs have also made their own assumptions of the foundation, testing it out for themselves. One review that is also going viral comes to us from the well-known beauty content creator, Mikayla Nogueira.

Interestingly, Mikayla said that the product was "very oily" and even branded it as the "worst foundation [she's] ever tried".

But, and it's a big but, before you go ruling this foundation out, you may want to watch a few more reviews including one from the likes of Tee, who seems to be very much enjoying the new launch. So much so that she even dubbed it a "beautiful foundation". I don't know about you, but now I'm conflicted.

Move over Marmite, for it is this foundation that has actually divided the nation.

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