This TikTok Says If You Drop An Egg Into A Frying Pan, The Yolk Won’t Break

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

TikTok is officially the home of egg hacks. There’s the Egg Tornado, the Eggvelope and the TikTok Egg Sandwich. Plus, this hack that stops you getting egg all over your kitchen is so simple yet so effective.

And now TikTok has offered up a new egg-based hack, and after trying it ourselves, we can confirm that it works ~nearly~ every time.

It’s simple… according to TikTok, if you drop an egg into a frying pan when you’re in the mood for a fried egg, the egg will break perfectly – leaving the yolk undamaged.

The key is to drop the egg – heavy side down – at a 45° angle.

As someone who beaks the yolk eight times out of 10 when frying eggs, I was keen to see if this nifty little trick worked. And out of the three eggs I dropped into my frying pan, three of them worked. The other was a goddamn disaster. Why? No one will ever know.

(Not shown: the disaster egg)

Admittedly, the force of the egg hitting the frying pan does leave you with some shell issues aka you may have to pick shell out of a VERY hot frying pan, so please bear that in mind and take precautions. Or just get used to eating shell…

Mmmmmmm, crunchy.

So to sum up... I think I'll just stick to scrambled eggs from now on...

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