TikTok Mom shares she’s breaking up with ‘aesthetic Christmas’ in favor of color

We see it all over Pinterest and from influencers—perfectly curated holiday decor that is set up just right and it feels so silver, gold. Actually, silver and COLD is more like it. Modern holiday decor is almost like the “beige mom aesthetic” but with holiday decorations. It’s the worst, and it feels like it’s taking away that holiday magic we’re supposed to feel once all the decorations are up for the season.

At least that’s what this TikTok mom is saying in her viral video.

TikTok mom Brit is breaking up with “aesthetic christmas.” She says when she looks back at her photos she posts of her perfectly curated holiday decor she doesn’t get a happy or magical feeling. She feels like something is missing. But when she looks back at ‘90s photos of her family’s decor for the holidays, she gets that excited feeling back. It makes her happy and she sees magic.

She added when she thought about the most special and magical Christmas trees, they were always her grandma and great-grandma’s trees. Brit recalled the shiny bright ornaments and everything vintage, lots of tinsel, lots of colored lights, and the bubblers.

“When I go back and look at those pictures, it does something to me,” she explained in the video.

Even her children agree. Brit shared that when she showed her son photos of the “vintage” Christmas aesthetic his eyes lit up.

“I want to create that same feeling in my kids that I have when I think of Christmas memories from years past,” Brit said.

Other influencers are taking a page from Brit’s book as well, by saying “buh-bye to beige” and minimalist holiday decor this year. Hopefully this trend is taking off, and we’ll all go back to the Christmas past where there was color, warmth, happiness, glitter, and of course magic.

Commenters of Brit’s video agreed, saying vintage Christmas is “THE VIBE” and another viewer very aptly pointing out, “​​I never understood the aesthetic Christmas decor. Yeah the coordinated decor and trees look nice, but it didn’t feel personal. I don’t see the happy.”
Brit says if this is your vibe as well, you should follow her  on TikTok to see how she’s decorating this year for inspo and ideas for your own magical and not-stuffy holiday decor this year.