This TikTok Makes Shredding Chicken So Unbelievably Easy

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

TikTok hacks have been making our lives easier since the dawn of time. Well, since TikTok came into our lives, anyway…

The hours and energy we must have saved ourselves learning new ways of doing things in the kitchen – from how to cut cheese with a Ritz cracker and an easy hack for keeping chilled food fresh, to how to spread cold butter and even how to cure a hangover using just a ballpoint pen.

So, what’s on the agenda for today’s TikTok lesson? How to shred chicken in mere seconds, that’s what!

If you’ve ever found a recipe that requires shredded chicken, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve let out a little scream of dismay because, trying to shred chicken can be an absolute nightmare. Using two forks works okay, but by the end of doing it (approximately 10 hours after you started), your wrists and fingers are probably ravaged, right?

Well, get this – there’s a new way of doing it, and it is a complete gamechanger. TikToker @raising.wildlings_ recently shared a video of her shredding chicken with a hand mixer and it took her literally seconds.

All she does is cook her chicken like normal, then pop it in a big bowl (make sure t’s pretty sizeable, otherwise the chicken will fly all over your kitchen). She then grabs her food mixer and uses it to pull the chicken apart. Genius!

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