TikTok Is Losing It Over Cadbury's Super-Sized Pots Of Joy

Just when we thought Cadbury couldn’t do better than their dreamy, creamy, oh-so chocolatey Pots of Joy… they went and made a super-sized version.

That’s right, you can now get your hands on a 350g version of their popular dessert (PS: it’s half price right now, making it cheaper than the individual sized pots; no brainer, really). Not only that, but they’ve added a Dairy Milk Orange version, too.

TikToker @lanaskyecaven shared the find on her feed, and it has quickly racked up over 300,000 likes as fellow Cadbury’s fans celebrated the news.

One commented: “Oh my god I want this this so much” while another added: “Made to share is the single most ignored instruction on ANY food packaging"... our thoughts exactly. Our favourite comment of the lot has to be this, though: "If you get this for me, I'll marry you." Seems like a fair deal.

The video shows her topping the giant Pot of Joy with Smarties (a genius move, if you ask us). This got us thinking... how delicious it would be served with fresh strawberries, mini marshmallows and chocolate buttons for dunking. An amateurs chocolate fondue, if you will.

Another user, @newfoodfoundsuk, shared a similar video. But wait... are those chocolate brownie Pots of Joy we spy at the end? Honestly, hats off to whoever is heading up product innovation at Cadbury's RN.

We'll see you down at Sainos then, shall we?