TikTok Influencer Sixtine Advises How to Create a Flexible Career Path

Sixtine.<p>Ivan Apfel/Getty Images</p>

Ivan Apfel/Getty Images

When SI Swimsuit models Sixtine, Christen Harper and Ellie Thumann participated in the brand’s “Be You Women’s Empowerment Series,” presented by Maybelline, at the University of Cincinnati on Sept. 21, the trio of women discussed mental health and opened up about their careers.

Sixtine, who obtained her bachelor’s degree in a unique area of study from the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study, spoke on her choice to create her own major called “hate” (a mix of psychology, human rights and politics, with a minor in child and adolescent mental health studies) while encouraging attendees to be flexible when charting their own futures.

The 25-year-old noted that, like many people, she doesn’t exactly use that degree in the work she's doing today as a model, content creator and influencer.

“You could end up in the most wild places that you have never imagined, that has nothing to do with what you studied,” she stated. “What’s most important is the lessons you learn along the way. And what you’re learning in college, you’re learning to become your own person, you’re learning life lessons, you’re learning how to interact with people, how to communicate, how to communicate feelings, how to stand up for yourself in a room, and that’s what is going to carry you through in whatever you decide.”

Sixtine also assured the college students in the audience that it’s O.K. not to have your life fully planned out at the age of 18.

“I think the biggest thing is just knowing that you’re allowed to change your mind, you’re allowed to try things and fail, you’re allowed to try things and like things that you didn’t expect that you would like, you're allowed to go and study stupid things and hate, like, it's your life, at the end of the day, you get to choose whatever you want to do...,” she concluded. “I think the biggest thing is [to] know that you can change at any time. You can spend your entire life thinking you want to be a doctor and then you can be a doctor and be like, just kidding. You can just change. You can do that. It’s your life. You’re allowed to do whatever you want with it. It’s your own map that you get to create.”

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